Austin Home Birth

A Resource Guide to Natural Childbirth in the Austin Area

Austin Birthing Resources is a FREE user guide to help you find a midwife, doula, birthing center or other childbirth information for the Austin TX area. We feature listings for birthing centers, midwifes and doulas in and around the metro Austin area.

Midwives trust the process and dynamics of birth. Women will have the same birth attendants with them throughout their labor and birth There are no shift changes at home.

A midwife is a trained health professional who cares for you and your new born during pregnancy, during child birth, and during the postpartum period.

A doula’s duty is to provide a continuous source of comfort, encouragement and support

Joy of Birth

Having a baby is an enormous responsibility. Birth can also be a powerful and positive experience for a family when they welcome their baby. By making the decision to have a home birth, you are taking control of your body and your health care. In the past this responsibility has been given over to doctors and hospitals. Today more and more women are turning to midwives to help them have the birth they desire.

Is Home Birth Dangerous?

Many people think that homebirth is dangerous. However research shows that for healthy women with normal pregnancies the risk of c-section, forceps, labor induction, artificial rupture of the membranes, augmentation and their associated problems are significantly less if you birth at home.

Midwifery & Wellness

How we come into this world, how we are ushered in, met, and hopefully embraced upon arrival, impacts the whole of our time on earth. ~ Alice Walker

It’s your body, your baby, your birth!

Journeying alongside women and families through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood is our passion. We list providers that offer comprehensive and individualized maternity care through the entire childbearing to families in Austin, TX and throughout the Central Texas area. As a licensed midwife I utilize both western medicine and holistic therapies in my practice.

We honor every woman’s right to make autonomous, informed, and instinctive, and decisions; It’s your body, your baby, your birth! We enjoy working with families of all structures, ages, colors, faiths, and lifestyles.


Natural Induction Methods

First, RELAX! Forget due dates. Due dates are merely an educated guess, did you know only 4% of births happen on the “due date”? Your anxiety is pumping adrenaline at high levels into your system, and this could very well be further delaying any progress or starting. Concentrate on the wonderful feeling of the baby’s

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Baby Is Breech, Now What?

In reading this you may just have found out that your baby is breech, or you may be preparing in case this does happen to you or someone you know. The most important thing to do is to relax and know that babies are often breech until the last trimester as they turn and move

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Artificial Oxytocin Induction

The easy answer to a Pitocin or Syntocinon induction is even though it’s an artificial induction with artificial oxytocin you would think “it’s the same hormone, why not?” but it goes much deeper than that. First of all, I will explain what happens during natural labor vs. an induction or augmentation and then explain the

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Birth Rites and Traditions Around the World

Anthropologists tell us, and we generally agree, that important life passages are more easily assimilated when accompanied by a ceremony or ritual, a rite of passage. North Americans celebrate some of these pivotal moments like graduation and marriage. Another common example is the Jewish tradition of Bar Mitzvah. I’m sure you’ve also heard that some

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Birth Choices in Austin- what is right for you?

Today we have more choices than ever about how we birth. We have the option of using a doctor or midwife for our practitioner. We have the choice of birthing in the hospital or at home. We can choose who is present at birth. We can decide to hire a doula. We can choose between

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