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A Resource Guide to Natural Childbirth in the Austin Area

Austin Birthing Resources is a FREE user guide to help you find a midwife, doula, birthing center or other childbirth information for the Austin TX area. We feature listings for birthing centers, midwifes and doulas in and around the metro Austin area.

Midwives trust the process and dynamics of birth. Women will have the same birth attendants with them throughout their labor and birth There are no shift changes at home.
Comprehensive midwifery care is includes prenatal care, birth, and postpartum — all customized to meet your unique needs and preferences

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Joy of Birth

Having a baby is an enormous responsibility. Birth can also be a powerful and positive experience for a family when they welcome their baby. By making the decision to have a home birth, you are taking control of your body and your health care. In the past this responsibility has been given over to doctors and hospitals. Today more and more women are turning to midwives to help them have the birth they desire.

Is Home Birth Dangerous?

Many people think that homebirth is dangerous. However research shows that for healthy women with normal pregnancies the risk of c-section, forceps, labor induction, artificial rupture of the membranes, augmentation and their associated problems are significantly less if you birth at home.

Midwifery & Wellness

How we come into this world, how we are ushered in, met, and hopefully embraced upon arrival, impacts the whole of our time on earth. ~ Alice Walker

It’s your body, your baby, your birth!

Journeying alongside women and families through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood is our passion. We list providers that offer comprehensive and individualized maternity care through the entire childbearing to families in Austin, TX and throughout the Central Texas area. As a licensed midwife I utilize both western medicine and holistic therapies in my practice.

We honor every woman’s right to make autonomous, informed, and instinctive, and decisions; It’s your body, your baby, your birth! We enjoy working with families of all structures, ages, colors, faiths, and lifestyles.


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Why Have a Homebirth in Austin?

Why would a woman choose to have a homebirth ? Isn’t it for those who don’t have the health insurance and therefore can’t afford to give birth at a hospital? Although natural birth at home was the norm throughout the centuries, when a woman chooses to do so in this day and age, she is

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Austin Natural Childbirth Tips

What You Should or Shouldn’t Do If You Want to Have a Drug-Free Childbirth Having a natural childbirth can be quite a challenge nowadays whether you do it at the hospital, home or birthing center. This is even more so if you choose hospital as the place of having a baby since hospital views birth

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Natural Child Birth Preparation ~ Why And How

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