OMG, did you just cut off a third of my baby’s blood supply?

Your baby has just been born.  Would you let someone draw their blood and remove 30% of their blood volume? I became a midwife before I birthed my own babies.  People often ask me how my practice changed after I became a mother and gave birth.  All midwives advocate for the needs of babies, but … Read more

Why Induce Labor?

Labor Induction : Why Labor is Induced Labor induction is a procedure which is done to ensure you go to labor in the first place or to ensure that you labor fast enough. There are many reason why your healthcare provider performs induction of labor and there is also a variety of ways to induce … Read more

Why Have a Homebirth in Austin?

Why would a woman choose to have a homebirth ? Isn’t it for those who don’t have the health insurance and therefore can’t afford to give birth at a hospital? Although natural birth at home was the norm throughout the centuries, when a woman chooses to do so in this day and age, she is … Read more

Natural Iron Supplements for Low Iron in Pregnancy

Iron Supplements Low iron in pregnancy is a common problem for pregnant women. If you find yourself with low iron during pregnancy, you will want to seek out natural iron supplementation if you want to cure pregnancy anemia naturally. If you are in need of natural iron supplements for low iron in pregnancy, there are … Read more

Austin Natural Childbirth Tips

What You Should or Shouldn’t Do If You Want to Have a Drug-Free Childbirth Having a natural childbirth can be quite a challenge nowadays whether you do it at the hospital, home or birthing center. This is even more so if you choose hospital as the place of having a baby since hospital views birth … Read more

Natural Child Birth Preparation ~ Why And How

Child birth preparation is an important thing to do if you want to have a smooth labor and natural childbirth. Ironically, most women are slack in this area despite the fact that birth is one of the largest event in a woman’s life. Most women put the minimum amount of energy to prepare for birth … Read more

Midwifery Myths

Midwifery Myths # 1 Midwives deliver babies only at home Fact: 98%of all Certified Nurse Midwives deliveries occur in the hospital. Our midwives deliver babies at Alexian Brothers Medical Center. We believe that childbirth is a natural process requiring medical intervention only in special situations. In the hospital, medical intervention is available, but used only … Read more

Labor Coach Tips for Austin Husbands

Avoid chit chatting during labor contractions. This is highly annoying to a laboring woman. Use a tennis ball or other massage balls or rollers to massage her back. Listen to her guidance. She may just want counter pressure applied to the lower back during hard labor contractions. Do not forget that in addition to food … Read more

Is Giving Birth at Home right for you?

You might be wondering is giving birth at home right for you? I remember thinking that home birth was what people did before modern technology and hospitals? Giving birth at home was something back in the Little House on the Prairie days? Wow, was I sorely wrong! Home birth has been rapidly gaining popularity. And … Read more

Husband Coached Austin Childbirth

There was a time when the husband’s role in labor and childbirth was delegated to the back hospital waiting room. The scene was one of an anxious father pacing the floor with a cigar in his mouth. He was out of the loop. He was clueless and powerless. His wife was left to labor and … Read more