Natural Child Birth Preparation ~ Why And How

Child birth preparation is an important thing to do if you want to have a smooth labor and natural childbirth. Ironically, most women are slack in this area despite the fact that birth is one of the largest event in a woman’s life. Most women put the minimum amount of energy to prepare for birth … Read more

Midwifery Myths

Midwifery Myths # 1 Midwives deliver babies only at home Fact: 98%of all Certified Nurse Midwives deliveries occur in the hospital. Our midwives deliver babies at Alexian Brothers Medical Center. We believe that childbirth is a natural process requiring medical intervention only in special situations. In the hospital, medical intervention is available, but used only … Read more

Labor Coach Tips for Austin Husbands

Avoid chit chatting during labor contractions. This is highly annoying to a laboring woman. Use a tennis ball or other massage balls or rollers to massage her back. Listen to her guidance. She may just want counter pressure applied to the lower back during hard labor contractions. Do not forget that in addition to food … Read more

Is Giving Birth at Home right for you?

You might be wondering is giving birth at home right for you? I remember thinking that home birth was what people did before modern technology and hospitals? Giving birth at home was something back in the Little House on the Prairie days? Wow, was I sorely wrong! Home birth has been rapidly gaining popularity. And … Read more

Husband Coached Austin Childbirth

There was a time when the husband’s role in labor and childbirth was delegated to the back hospital waiting room. The scene was one of an anxious father pacing the floor with a cigar in his mouth. He was out of the loop. He was clueless and powerless. His wife was left to labor and … Read more

How to Induce Labor

How to Induce Labor at Home or Hospital As you’re going towards the end of your pregnancy, you may want to find out how to induce labor, just in case you’re overdue. Basically, if you are okay to be induced at the hospital, then you will face medicalized labor induction methods, whereas if you use … Read more

How to Evaluate a Good Home Birth Midwife

I am always asked by other woman if I can recommend a good home birth midwife to them. I have been blessed with very good midwives. I am so grateful for the home birth midwives that have attended my 8 births. My midwives have been some of most influential women in my life and I … Read more

Austin Hospital Birth

Natural Birth At Hospital – Is It Possible ? How ? Some women have asked me whether it is possible to have natural birth at hospital. These women know the risk of having birth at hospital in terms of having a natural birth. But they want to have a natural childbirth there because of a … Read more

Homebirth Cost And How to Pay For It

How much does a homebirth cost ? How much does a midwife cost ? Can I afford it ? Will the insurance cover it ? Those are the questions which often pop into a woman’s mind the minute she decides to have a homebirth. Homebirth is considerably less expensive than having birth at the birthing … Read more

Home Birth Supplies

Home Birth Supplies and Kit ~ Things You Need for Homebirth One of the thing which comes to mind when planning for a homebirth is home birth supplies. Yes, if you choose to give birth at home, you are responsible for your own child birth supply. But don’t worry, they are easy to get and … Read more