Alice Duffy

Alice Fiona 1 As the daughter of a midwife, I’ve grownup around pregnant women and from a young age attended many births. After I gave birth to my own child I wanted to help other women and their partners through the birthing process. As a doula, I see myself in a roll of service. I would love to serve you in creating a lasting, positive birth memory by helping you accomplish your goals; whether it be natural childbirth, using pain medications or other technology, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), homebirth, or any other choice.

My services include:

  • Initial consultation (free of charge) 
  • Two Prenatal visits
  •  Unlimited phone consultation, before and after the birth (for up to 6 weeks after) 
  • 24 hour phone support throughout your pregnancy 
  • Providing information on childbirth classes in the community 
  • Access to my library of childbirth materials 
  • Constant support throughout the entire delivery
  • Giving relaxation and breathing guidance
  • Creating a positive birth experience
  • Giving massage and positioning during labor
  • Incorporating your partner and family into the birthing experience
  •   Help with initiating breastfeeding  
  • Assistance in unexpected outcomes by providing support, guidance, and information  
  • 2 Postpartum consultations  

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