It is vital to recognize a family’s unique social and cultural community.

Women are their own primary care providers. During the nine months of pregnancy, most of the “prenatal care” is done by the mother on her own time, in her own home, in the form of self-care: the choices she makes, the intentions she honors, and the love she channels to her baby. Growing and birthing a baby is an intimate and instinctive process, and every woman has her own unique experience of pregnancy and birth.
While most labors of healthy women proceed normally and safely in their own time (when not been medically or otherwise interfered with), sometimes assistance or intervention truly can be helpful for mothers and babies. Skilled midwifery care involves determining when such assistance will be helpful rather than a hindrance, and intervening in a manner that protects the mother’s safety and confidence.

Women have been the guardians of birth and mothering for tens of thousands of years. It has only been in the last century that the worlds fertility, birth, and mothering have been overtaken by medical providers and institutions.

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