Austin Doula Directory

Doula is a Greek word referring to an experienced woman who helps other women. The word has come to refer to a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the birthing family before, during and just after childbirth. Doulas provide emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. They call themselves many things including: Childbirth Assistant, Labor Support Professional, Birth Assistant, Birth Companion, etc.

Many studies have shown having a doula increases positive outcomes for labor and birth. When supported by a doula, women have continuous labor support, experience less pain and use less medications, are less likely to have a cesarean birth and have a more satisfying childbirth experience.

We consider birth an incredible physical and spiritual event. Birth has the ability to shape our culture and its significance must be taken seriously. We consider it a privilege to be part of this special event. With open communication our goal is to help you achieve the birth you want.

The following people are doulas in the Austin area.

Allie Malinovich

Discovering her passion for birthwork after the arrival of her first child, Allie volunteered with DONA International and was welcomed into a local doula collective called ATX Doulas. Here, she was granted invaluable knowledge and experience that enabled her to guide hundreds of families throughout their birthing journey. Following the birth of her second child,

Allison Coleman

Phone: 512.791.8749 Website: Link Certification: ALACE and Maternity Wise, training and experience as a breastfeeding support counselor. Location: Austin I am certified through Childbirth International and have received additional training with ALACE and Maternity Wise. I have experience with moms having an unmedicated birth, VBAC clients, epidurials, c-sections, inductions, and multipuls. I have worked at

Amanda Wyszkowski

I believe that pregnancy and the birth of a child is one of the most important and transformative experiences in one’s life. Parents who have a positive experience during the birth of their child have an easier time adjusting during their transition into parenthood. I believe that parents’ unique needs and desires should be acknowledged

Amy Nevland

  (512) 931-4404 (doula hotline) Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator – TLCD, ICEA Website: (non Member) Austin

Angela Mirabella-Friedman

Phone: (512) 931-4404 Certification: DONA trained Doula and comes to birth through a holistic health coaching background – MATRONA Website: (non Member) Location: Austin    

Ashre Landrum

Phone: 512-299-6138 Website: Link Certification: DONA Trained Birth Doula (Certification Pending) Location: Located in San Marcos, Serving Central Texas Ashre is a DONA Trained Birth Doula and has been attending births since 2008. She has a passion for all things birth and mothering. She lovingly offers her doula services to mamas and families that want

Birth Comadres

Phone: 512-831-6606 Website: Link Certification: Doula’s each have their own specialties Location: Austin Literal translation from the Spanish language is; co-mother. It’s used to show respect to a close friend or comrade. Typically reserved to identify someone who has a special shared responsibility with you, it can also be the person you selected to be the godmother of your child. We are

Cara George

Meet Cara George, one of our devoted volunteers who is always willing to go the extra mile for those in need of maternal care. At GALS, we believe that everyone should have access to labor support, and our volunteers work hard to make a positive impact on the lives of families. Your generous donations will

Cary Burtt

Meet Cary – an incredible doula, educated with a BA in English and Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan, and a MA in English from Hunter College. She left the hustle and bustle of corporate life in New York City to support women through the wondrous journey of childbirth. Cary believes that giving birth

Darby Perkins

Introducing Darby Perkins, a passionate supporter of women’s rights and experienced birth doula since 2006. Through ATX Doulas, she provides an array of services that guide expecting mothers through every step of the transition to parenthood. A naturally calming presence, Darby strives to inspire trust in the capabilities of mother’s bodies and offer choices during

Darlene MacAuley

Phone: (512) 633-5449 Website: Link Certification: U.S. Southwest birth doula trainer for Birth Arts International, a Hypnobabies Instructor, Hypno-Doula Location: Austin Area I am committed to helping women trust themselves and their bodies, and to approach childbirth with confidence and an empowered focus, so they can fully experience the power of bringing their child into

Diana Hirsch

My name is Diana Hirsch and I’m the founder of this amazing organization. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, my family and I moved to Austin, Texas in 2007. My journey to becoming a doula began during my own pregnancy back in 2001. Experiencing first-hand how much having a doula makes all the difference in

Ellie Noble

Phone: 512-710-9662 Website: add link to website Certification: CPM, LM Location: Austin and all central texas areas I am a Midwife AND a Doula. I have four sweet babies of my own. Two boys and two girls! I see pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family as one of the most beautiful things about humanity.

Emily Bassey

In 2004, I received my Masters in Education in Counseling from the University of New Hampshire. After moving to Austin, I began practicing yoga regularly and in 2008 became a Registered Yoga Teacher with a specialization in prenatal yoga. I received my doula certification through DONA ( I draw upon my experience as a counselor

Kristie Ellison

Phone: 512-796-4772 Website: Link Certification: Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Counselor (Childbirth International) Location: East Nurtured Nest, LLC offers birth and postpartum doula support, as well as childbirth and breastfeeding classes or consultations to round out your knowledge and confidence for home birth. Kristie, the president, has birthed 7 of her own

Lanell Coultas

Phone: 512-663-9320 Website: Link Certification: Location: Central Austin Lanell Coultas loves new mamas. And new babies. And new fathers – basically everyone connected to the emerging new family. A certified doula and doula mentor, breastfeeding educator, and certified Birthin From Within Mentor, Lanell has been compassionately ferrying parents across unknown waters since 1995. Her richly

Laura Smith

Phone: 512-228-9906 Website: Link Certification: CD-DONA, PCD-DONA Location: Central Austin Laura Smith is a certified Birth Doula (CD-DONA), a certified Postpartum Doula (PCD-DONA), trained Breastfeeding Educator (through the Texas Department of Health) and a certified Childbirth Educator with Birth Works and level one Birthing From Within.

Leonora Colen

Leonora is a midwife, mom, and a human who believes that birthing people should have autonomy in their birthing experience. She grew up splitting time between the foothills of Northern California and the Bay Area, took a gap year, and studied abroad for a year in Ecuador. She got a BA in Filmmaking at Bard College

Majbritt Rayas

Phone: 512-529-6751 Website: Link Certification: Location: Austin My jouney as a doula began the day I found out I was pregnant. I was one of those women who loved being pregnant and I couldn’t wait to give birth. Sure I wanted to meet my baby, but I was just so excited to go through the

Marcela Hernández Shoemaker

Phone: 512-589-8764 Website: Link Certification: MA. LPC, PMH-C –  1 training in: EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and the Gottman Method. Two decades as a birth and postpartum doula and massage therapist. member of the Pregnancy & Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas. Location: Central Austin I hold a master’s degree in counseling from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, and

Mary Barnett

I am a certified nurse-midwife and registered nurse with over 30 years experience. I’ve worked in homes, hospitals and birth centers and have personally “caught” over a thousand babies and have participated in the care of thousands more. For the majority of women, life’s changes are normal and need little interference. Professional midwifery care has

Meagan Noble

As a full-spectrum doula, my passion is providing support and community for families throughout their journey to parenthood. I provide unbiased information and hands-on support so you can discover what works best for you. As a veteran of three home births, I believe all birthing people hold the power to birth in a way that

Natasha Triplett

Phone: (512)779-5080 Website: Ad Website Link Certification: Location: Austin, including Buda, Kyle and San Marcos A doula serves thoughout the birth experience to provide continuous support, encouragement, and comfort to the mother and father by focusing on non-medicinal ways to alleviate pain and reduce the length of labor. As your doula, my goal is help you

Nurtured Nest, LLC

Phone: 512-796-4772 Website: Link Certification: Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Counselor (Childbirth International) Location: Nurtured Nest, LLC offers birth and postpartum doula support, as well as childbirth and breastfeeding classes or consultations to round out your knowledge and confidence for home birth. Kristie, the president, has birthed 7 of her own children

Paige Trabulsi

Phone: (512) 906-1288 Website: Link Certification: DONA-trained, Lamaze-certified Location: Austin I developed a passion for the birthing process in 1998 when I served as a Prenatal Educator for pregnant and parenting teenagers in Austin, Texas. After working extensively in Latin America and earning a Masters in Public Health, I have been providing doula services, teaching

Shelley Scotka

Shelley Scotka is a certified birth doula and childbirth educator who has been serving families since 1995. She currently teaches Prepared Childbirth classes at St Davids Medical Center and at Any Baby Can in Austin, Texas. She also offers private, in home childbirth preparation classes for those who prefer a more intimate setting. Phone: (512)

Summer Greenlees

Phone: (512) 944 9924 Website: Link Certification: LMT, CYT, CIMI, Star-Doula Location: Austin Summer Greenlees is a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Labor Support Specialist, with specialized training in women’s bodywork including Body-Work for the Child-Bearing Year, Infant massage instruction, Children’s Yoga and Advanced Yoga Studies. Summer spent 12 years attending births as

Tamara Downey

Tamara is a DONA trained doula and Birthing From Within® mentor. She has been supporting families in the home, birthing center, and hospital since 2010. Tamara also holds an advanced degree in counseling (UK) and training in aromatherapy (FR). She offers weekly support classes for Newborn Mothers, C-Section/VBAC Preparation, and Traumatic Birth Recovery as well

Taylor Berryhill

Taylor is a DONA trained birth doula, a mother of four, and an Austin native. She brings over a decade of family support experience both as a newborn nanny, and as a birth doula. Supporting families through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond has been something that Taylor has been passionate about for many years. Her journey

Tif Greening

Tif possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the esteemed UMass Amherst, with a particular focus on Social Justice and Civil Rights. With experience gained in government and corporate settings alike, she discovered her true vocation in 2011 when she stepped into the world of birth. Today, Tif is passionate about working with