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Are you a pregnant mom aiming for a natural birth and is curious about home birth ?

Then you are at the right website.

Home Birth Guide is a website which I put together to share my passion on homebirth and natural birth. You see, there’s a lot of misconception about natural birth in general and homebirth in particular. As a mother who has gone through three joyful homebirths, my first and foremost goal in building this website is to give honest and accurate information to pregnant moms who want to have a joyful and satisfying natural childbirth experience.

Where To Start ?

Below are some suggestion on how to navigate this site so that you can quickly find the answer of your problem. If you like what you read and would like to get tips and advice to help you with your natural birth and home birth, then don’t forget to sign up.

Oops … almost forget … Before reading this website, I suggest you to grab yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and something to eat. Because I bet you’re going to spend a long time on this site, so you might as well get comfortable.

So, are you ready ?

Let’s look at the first section below, then.

Natural Birth Section

If you are thinking of having a natural childbirth but are unsure whether it’s worth it, then I suggest you to start with the article explaining why natural birth is worth striving for. In this article, I wrote why I think natural birth is worth it.

If natural birth interests you, you should follow it up by reading tips to maximize your chance of having a natural childbirth. and things you should prepare ahead of time for natural child birth.

Home Birth Section

If you are thinking of having a homebirth but are still unsure whether home is the best place to give birth, then the best place to start your journey is the Why Homebirth article , followed by comparison of giving birth at home or homebirth vs hospital birth. In those articles, I share why I think home birth is the best thing to do if you want to maximize your chance of having a natural and enjoyable birth.

In addition, this section also contains articles which will answer your ‘doubt’ about homebirth, such as whether you are a suitable for having a natural birth at home.

Finally, read this section for tips on how to practically prepare for a homebirth, including home birth supplies and preparation for giving birth at home. Money is often a sticky object. It can play a decisive role in deciding between homebirth or other birth option. Read how much a home birth cost here and how to cover it.

Other Birthing Option

If you want to have a natural birth, but is not comfortable to give birth at home, then I suggest you to consider a birthing center as the first option. Only when you have a high risk pregnancy that you should consider to have a natural birth at a hospital. In ‘hospital birth subsection’ I explain the drawback of using hospital to give birth if you want to have a natural childbirth, and give you tips on how to have one in the hospital if you prefer to.

Birth Care Provider

Read this section for tips on how to find a midwife or obstetrician supportive of natural childbirth. This section also explains in great details of what midwifery is all about

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