Midwifery Myths

Midwifery Myths # 1

Midwives deliver babies only at home


98%of all Certified Nurse Midwives deliveries occur in the hospital. Our midwives deliver babies at Alexian Brothers Medical Center. We believe that childbirth is a natural process requiring medical intervention only in special situations. In the hospital, medical intervention is available, but used only when necessary or requested.

Midwifery Myth #2

Midwives patients cannot receive pain medication in labor.


Both IV pain medication and epidural anesthesia are available. Because you will have a midwife with you during active labor and delivery, you maybe less likely to ask for these pain relief measures, but the choice is yours. We respect your right to choose the pain relief methods you want. Throughout labor you will also be offered the opportunity to walk around, hydrotherapy tub, shower, sit in a rocker, use massage, sit on the birthing ball, etc. During your pregnancy we will discuss your desires for pain management in labor.

Midwifery Myth #3

Midwives provide care to pregnant women only.


Our nurse-midwives provide preventative healthcare to women of all ages, from the first gynecological exam through pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. Teaching women how to prevent disease and maintain health throughout the life cycle are the hallmarks of nurse-midwifery care . Whether it is your first exam or you need for us to counsel you about the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy, we will take the time to personalize our care for you. We work in collaboration with physicians who can provide you with the care you may need if you develop a serious medical complication or need surgery.

Midwifery Myth #4

Certified Nurse Midwives lack the education and training necessary to provide safe care to woman and infants.


Recent national studies have shown that outcomes for nurse-midwifery care in the U.S., have exceeded the national average. Nurse-midwives, working in collaboration with physicians, have achieved excellent outcomes, as evidenced by a low cesarean section rate and a low preterm birth rate. Nationally these results have been achieved with less use of technology and medical intervention. Women who chose midwifery care because they are seeking an intimate, individualized and less interventionist approach to childbirth, can be assured that they are in safe hands.

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