Natural Iron Supplements for Low Iron in Pregnancy

Iron Supplements

iron supplement austin home birth Low iron in pregnancy is a common problem for pregnant women. If you find yourself with low iron during pregnancy, you will want to seek out natural iron supplementation if you want to cure pregnancy anemia naturally. If you are in need of natural iron supplements for low iron in pregnancy, there are lots of good natural iron supplements available online. Regular iron supplements cause constipation and other less desirable side effects. Natural iron supplements books iron levels naturally, efficiently and effectively.

“The National Academy of Science recommends pregnant women take a iron supplement containing 30 mg. of iron a day during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.” This section is designed to give you information on specific natural iron supplements. Iron supplementation can cause constipation so it is important to use a natural form of iron if you choose to supplement.

Here are some good natural iron supplements that I have found that are not only natural, but effective in bring up low iron levels during pregnancy. Keep reading as I will explain further on how you can buy discounted natural supplements for over 50% off health food store prices.

The absolute best natural iron supplement for low iron in pregnancy is Spirulina. Spirulina is actually a whole food. It is pure algae that is full of natural colloidal minerals. Iron is a common mineral deficiency found in pregnant women. Spirulina answers this problem because it is an iron rich food offering 10 times the amount of iron than common iron foods. Adding Spirilina to the pregnancy diet will dramatically boost not only your iron levels, but it will give you other necessary minerals naturally. Studies show that iron in Spirulina is 60% better absorbed than iron supplements such as iron sulfate. Iron in spirulina is absorbed into the body much more efficiently over other iron rich foods. Avoid ordering Spirulina from China because of contamination. Spirulina harvested in the pure waters of Hawaii is best.

Chlorofresh Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorofresh Liquid Chlorophyll02 This is a natural supplement that can be used for bringing up low iron levels during pregnancy. Chlorophyll is often used in the treatment of pregnancy anemia because it builds the red blood cells.It helps the body utilize iron. Chlorophyll normalizes production of digestive fluids and relieves constipation. Chlorophyll promotes the growth of healthy intestinal flora, eliminates water retention, aids lactation and stimulates the production of vitamins A, E and K. Chlorofresh Chlorophyll also comes in tablet form.

FloraDix Iron and Herbs

FloraDix Iron and Herbs This is an excellent product that will quickly cure low iron during pregnancy. It is an all natural herbal formula that is designed to be easily absorbed, rich in vitamins and non-constipating. It is a vegetarian liquid formula that combines B-vitamins, Vitamin C, rosehip extract and digestive herbs. FloriDix Iron and Herbs has a yeast free formula. It is also safe for people with yeast or gluten allergies. FloraDix products are found at local health food stores, but are very expensive compared to what you can get it online for. I would advise ordering discounted natural supplements online using a trick I’ve found for getting discounted vitamins for 50% or more off health food store prices.

Tri-Iron is a high iron herbal formula made by Trilight Herbs.

Tri Iron Trilight Herbs Tri-Iron is a certified organic vitamin supplement which is a plus for those looking for organic vitamins. It is a liquid, sugar free, alcohol free iron formula in a glycerine water base. It is made with nettle leaf, yellow dock, red raspberry, dandelion, anise and is designed to increase iron absorption in the body without causing constipation. This formula is a good product however it runs $35 for a 8 oz. bottle or $110 for a 32 oz bottle. Trilight herbs are sold by Trilight Health. They also have steep shipping costs

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