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The midwives of Home Birth Honey started this cooperative out of a desire to provide the highest quality, most personalized maternity, birth, postpartum and newborn care available for low-risk childbearing people. Having both worked in a high volume group practice as well as in the home birth world, Leonora and Meg missed the personal relationships that a smaller practice makes possible. One of the primary tenets of the Midwifery Model of Care is what is called “continuity of care.”

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Phone: 512-629-0576 or 415-306-1719

This means that you get to see the same faces throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey and that they
know your story, the story of your family (including partners, dogs, cats, and older children!), and they are familiar with the space that you call home. This high level of intimacy also garners a high level of safety, as portions of your history are not “lost in translation” between providers or simply forgotten because of a client load that is too high.

We believe strongly in the importance of informed decision-making and in individual autonomy as well as in the fundamentally safe, physiologically normal nature of birth itself. At Home Birth Honey we are committed to both the ancient art of midwifery, with its reliance on community, intuition, and trust AND to the constant pursuit of the most current
evidence-based approaches to care. We do not eschew Western medicine but approach wellness in a basic way, first looking at the fundamentals that affect the life of a family – the food they eat, how and how frequently they move their bodies, the quality of rest they are able to achieve, and the ways they cultivate emotional well being (both individually and as a collective). We as midwives see it as a privilege to be invited into the inner world of our clients during this important time of transition. We value your trust and are always open to guidance and feedback, as both of these help us continue to grow as providers and as people.

We would love to learn more about you, your family, and your vision for your birth.

We are gender-affirming and LGBTQ+.

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