Blessings Homebirth

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  • Location: Dripping Springs

Learn what to expect from having natural childbirth / holistic homebirth with the assistance of a midwife.

These classes (located in Austin) are designed to assist expecting parents in preparing for the challenges and concerns that birth and early newborn care bring.

The classes are designed for all parents, regardless of their plans for birth. Principles contained in Pam England’s book titled, Birthing From Within (Partera Press) will be implemented in a series of four 2-hour classes.

Cost for the class series is $80 per couple and includes:

  • How the body works in labor and birth
  • How to recognize and work with the different stages of labor
  • Understanding the baby’s participation
  • Pain- coping techniques
  • Tips for Fathers/ Birth companions
  • How to ask questions and get answers regarding options
  • How to incorporate unwished-for surprises in labor
  • Basics of breastfeeding and postpartum recovery

Call 512-698-4132 to register.
Other classes and locations may be available, call for more information.

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