Lanell Coultas

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  • Location: Central Austin

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Lanell Coultas loves new mamas. And new babies. And new fathers – basically everyone connected to the emerging new family. A certified doula and doula mentor, breastfeeding educator, and certified Birthin From Within Mentor, Lanell has been compassionately ferrying parents across unknown waters since 1995.

Her richly juicy, holistic childbirth classes abandon the clinical, rote ‘this-is-what-your-body-will-do’ approach, in favor of Birthing From Within ™

That is, staying present, c – u – r – i – o – u – s and deeply loving however your birth (and life!) are unfolding. She uses the principals of Birthing From Within in her own daily life.

In her work with parents-to-be as well as with new mothers, Lanell mentors with heart, encouraging parents to embrace the intensely fertile and powerful body-knowing of pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond. Passionately resourceful, Lanell freely shares books, websites, local practitioners, and more to support her clients’ journey.

Lanell loves Austin, Tex-Mex food, digging in the dirt, crafting with fabric and paper, beloved partner Lucy, their delicious toddler son Hugh, and the principles of mindfulness awareness.

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