Meagan Noble

As a full-spectrum doula, my passion is providing support and community for families throughout their journey to parenthood. I provide unbiased information and hands-on support so you can discover what works best for you. As a veteran of three home births, I believe all birthing people hold the power to birth in a way that … Read more

Cara George

Phone: (512) 931-4404 Certification: DONA certified birth doula and a certified postpartum doula Website: Location: Austin  

Tamara Salas-Tull

Phone: (512) 931-4404 Certification: DONA-trained birth doula, Licensed Professional Counselor – MEd, LPC Website: Location: Austin

Diana Hirsch

Phone: (512) 931-4404 Certification: DONA trained birth doula Website: Location: Austin  

Angela Mirabella-Friedman

Phone: (512) 931-4404 Certification: DONA trained Doula and comes to birth through a holistic health coaching background – MATRONA Website: Location: Austin    

Allie Malinovich

Phone: (512) 931-4404 Certification: DONA-certified birth doula and graduate with a BA in Physical Anthropology Website: Location: Austin

Darby Perkins

Phone: (512) 931-4404 Certification: Birth Doula – TLCD, SBD Website: Location: Austin

Tif Greening

Phone: (512) 931-4404 Certification: Doula – TLCD Website: Location: Austin

Cary Burtt

Phone: (512) 931-4404 Certification: DONA-trained birth doula with a BA in English and Women’s Studies – TLCD Website: Location: Austin

Amy Nevland

  (512) 931-4404 (doula hotline) Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator – TLCD, ICEA Austin