Julia Bower


Few life events are as powerful and important as being pregnant, giving birth and welcoming your newborn baby into your family. I want to help you develop the knowledge, confidence and support you need to create as beautiful a birth as you can imagine.

The founding premise of my Austin midwife practice is that birth really does work. I have an essential trust in the natural progression of pregnancy and birth. Childbirth can be a safe, natural and empowering event for healthy women who enjoy good prenatal care. Such care includes emotional and social support, in addition to excellent physical and medical care.

Every birth is sacred. You and your family care deeply about how best to care for the miracle unfolding within you. I am honored when families choose me to support them throughout something as intimate and momentous as the birth of their child.

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, please call to set up a free visit and consultation. At the visit we’ll have a chance to discuss your questions about pregnancy, using a midwife, homebirth and my Austin practice.

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