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My personal experiences with both obstetric and midwifery care illustrate the importance of continuity of care. In my first pregnancy, my physician spent such little time with me that I hardly knew her philosophy of care. This became very apparent at the birth when my natural birth plan was shunned, and my personal request to avoid episiotomy and drugs were dismissed for nothing more than the hospital’s convenience. (Upon my insistence, my daughter was permitted to breastfeed immediately after the birth, and for this I will always be grateful. Those moments of awe and bonding will forever be treasured). I never saw my physician again after leaving the hospital, as her partner was in the office for my six-week postpartum appointment. In contrast, my midwife in my second pregnancy spent an hour with us at each appointment. Birthing at home gave us ownership of the birth experience, and my child never left my side. My midwife came to visit me at home for the first week, and I continued to see h her a few more times before the final postpartum appointment. Continuity of care deepens the relationship between the midwife and client, increasing trust and aiding in individualizing care.

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