Birth Comadres

Phone: 512-831-6606 Website: Link Certification: Doula’s each have their own specialties Location: Austin Literal translation from the Spanish language is; co-mother. It’s used to show respect to a close friend or comrade. Typically reserved to identify someone who has a special shared responsibility with you, it can also be the person you selected to be the godmother of your child. We are … Read more

Tamara Downey

Tamara is a DONA trained doula and Birthing From Within® mentor. She has been supporting families in the home, birthing center, and hospital since 2010. Tamara also holds an advanced degree in counseling (UK) and training in aromatherapy (FR). She offers weekly support classes for Newborn Mothers, C-Section/VBAC Preparation, and Traumatic Birth Recovery as well … Read more

Summer Greenlees

Phone: (512) 944 9924 Website: Link Certification: LMT, CYT, CIMI, Star-Doula Location: Austin Summer Greenlees is a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Labor Support Specialist, with specialized training in women’s bodywork including Body-Work for the Child-Bearing Year, Infant massage instruction, Children’s Yoga and Advanced Yoga Studies. Summer spent 12 years attending births as … Read more

Shelley Scotka

Shelley Scotka is a certified birth doula and childbirth educator who has been serving families since 1995. She currently teaches Prepared Childbirth classes at St Davids Medical Center and at Any Baby Can in Austin, Texas. She also offers private, in home childbirth preparation classes for those who prefer a more intimate setting. Phone: (512) … Read more

Paige Trabulsi

Phone: (512) 906-1288 Website: Link Certification: DONA-trained, Lamaze-certified Location: Austin I developed a passion for the birthing process in 1998 when I served as a Prenatal Educator for pregnant and parenting teenagers in Austin, Texas. After working extensively in Latin America and earning a Masters in Public Health, I have been providing doula services, teaching … Read more

Natasha Triplett

Phone: (512)779-5080 Website: Ad Website Link Certification: Location: Austin, including Buda, Kyle and San Marcos A doula serves thoughout the birth experience to provide continuous support, encouragement, and comfort to the mother and father by focusing on non-medicinal ways to alleviate pain and reduce the length of labor. As your doula, my goal is help you … Read more

Marcela Billig

Phone: 512-589-8764 Website: Link Certification: MA Counseling Psychology Location: Central Austin I have been working as a birth doula in Austin for about 13 years. My bachelors degree is in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. gave me a foundation in holistic health that excited and inspired me. The first birth I attended … Read more

Majbritt Rayas

Phone: 512-529-6751 Website: Link Certification: Location: Austin My jouney as a doula began the day I found out I was pregnant. I was one of those women who loved being pregnant and I couldn’t wait to give birth. Sure I wanted to meet my baby, but I was just so excited to go through the … Read more

Laura Smith

Phone: 512-228-9906 Website: Link Certification: CD-DONA, PCD-DONA Location: Central Austin Laura Smith is a certified Birth Doula (CD-DONA), a certified Postpartum Doula (PCD-DONA), trained Breastfeeding Educator (through the Texas Department of Health) and a certified Childbirth Educator with Birth Works and level one Birthing From Within.

Lanell Coultas

Phone: 512-663-9320 Website: Link Certification: Location: Central Austin Lanell Coultas loves new mamas. And new babies. And new fathers – basically everyone connected to the emerging new family. A certified doula and doula mentor, breastfeeding educator, and certified Birthin From Within Mentor, Lanell has been compassionately ferrying parents across unknown waters since 1995. Her richly … Read more