Heather Hilton

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We are so blessed in Texas that homebirth and midwifery care are options for healthy women. Pregnancy is a healthy state of being, and birth is a natural function of the human body.

I believe that when a woman is given space to labor and birth in her own time, in her own surroundings, and supported by those around her, birth can proceed in a safer and more efficient way.

  • Phone: 512-552-8631
  • Website:
  • Certification: Certified Professional Midwife
  • Location: Austin

The word midwife comes fromt the old English “mit wif”, which means “with woman”. As a midwife, I strive to be with you physically and emotionally as you move through your pregnancy and later your labor and birth. During your pregnancy, we can take time to explore your feelings about bringing a baby into the world and make sure that all of your questions are answered. I keep a light schedule, which means that time is on your side. You will never be rushed through a visit and you will always have the opportunity to discuss anything that comes up for you.

My calling is to serve women and families in the childbearing years. My mission is to continue to serve women and their families in Central Texas by providing the utmost in professional care and personal support through prenatal care, childbirth education, labor support, birth services, and postpartum care.

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